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Information about my personal projects.

Dec 31

Generating a Maze

When I was coming up with ideas for my Christmas game this year, I ended up thinking of one that would work best with procedurally generated (i.e. generated using a particular algorithm, but using randomly generated numbers etc. for content). This post shows some of my ideas and techniques for creating such a system, and …

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Sep 07

TurretDefence Early Preview (0.0.1)

I’m currently working on a project (working title: TurretDefence) in which the player must protect a lone turret from being destroyed, and defeat all the incoming enemies. The tricky part is, however, there are no in-game controls. The player must edit the AI of the turret, using a script file that the game loads at …

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Jul 25

PurpleEngine Released!

Catching Game Example

While at university I used an engine created to help beginners learn game programming, that was designed to be able to make 3D games very easily with little knowledge of how things are working. It was a great engine, but as I have bit of a passion for 2D games, I decided to attempt to …

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Jan 19

Spoiler Alert!

Spoiler alert sign.

After writing a few posts that involve things about games I found myself wanting to add a “spoiler hider” like the kind often found on game-related forums. They’re a very nice little way of hiding things and letting the reader look at them when/if they want to. So, I made my own plugin and I’m …

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Dec 31

More to Review!

Crash Team Racing Review

Another update on the review generator. As promised I have improved the code a little and added some nicer fonts. There are still a few magic numbers in there but aside from that it’s fairly reasonable code now. Not only that, but I’ve created a form to use to generate the images, rather than manually …

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Dec 31

Review the Reviewing System

Comparison of review images

As mentioned in this earlier post, I’ve been working on a little review image generator to allow me to easily show off my reviews with star-based ratings. After playing around with PHP GD libraries for a couple of hours I have a script that’s usable enough to use. The code is very quick ‘n’ dirty, …

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May 28

Snapping Things

I’ve recently been working on an idea of a quiz-type game in the form of a Java applet, and so I’ve been experimenting with some of the techniques and methods it would use. I made this as a way of incorporating one of the first elements, automatically snapping into place. Snapping, basically, allows an element …

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Jan 18


Yet again I’ve started working on a little game project. This time it’s memory game, where you have to match the correct cards (I can’t seem to think of the name for this for some reason ) So far I’ve written the basic IO, getting mouse position and highlighting a tile, getting click coordinates and …

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Dec 30

Project: Frog Splat

I was trying to decide what game I should make next when I stumbled upon the good ol’ classic, Frogger. After playing for a while (here), I decided it would be a good game to try and replicate. The idea I used when I started programming the game, was that I should have an array …

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