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Information about my personal projects.

Dec 31

Generating a Maze

When I was coming up with ideas for my Christmas game this year, I ended up thinking of one that would work best with procedurally generated (i.e. generated using a particular algorithm, but using randomly generated numbers etc. for content). This post shows some of my ideas and techniques for creating such a system, and …

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Jan 19

Spoiler Alert!

Spoiler alert sign.

After writing a few posts that involve things about games I found myself wanting to add a “spoiler hider” like the kind often found on game-related forums. They’re a very nice little way of hiding things and letting the reader look at them when/if they want to. So, I made my own plugin and I’m …

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May 28

Snapping Things

I’ve recently been working on an idea of a quiz-type game in the form of a Java applet, and so I’ve been experimenting with some of the techniques and methods it would use. I made this as a way of incorporating one of the first elements, automatically snapping into place. Snapping, basically, allows an element …

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Jan 18


Yet again I’ve started working on a little game project. This time it’s memory game, where you have to match the correct cards (I can’t seem to think of the name for this for some reason ) So far I’ve written the basic IO, getting mouse position and highlighting a tile, getting click coordinates and …

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