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Feb 19

Organising Classes

This tutorial explains how classes should be organised in separate files and what the benefits of this are. The Vector class from the previous tutorial is used, if you haven’t read it you should go there first: link. Introduction As discussed in the previous tutorials classes are a very useful part of programming in C++. …

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Feb 09

Vector Class

Shows Pythagoras' Theorem in relation to vectors

This tutorial shows how to create a basic vector class for vectors in C++. If you haven’t already, read the previous tutorial about the basics of classes here. Introduction Vectors are very important in many computer programs involving graphics, and are especially crucial in games. Having a vector class makes them easier to use and …

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Feb 07

Classy Programming

A step-by-step introduction to classes in C++. Introduction Classes are a very useful feature in programming. They allow for an easy and efficient method to use an object-oriented approach to programming, and also help to create more structures and organised code. Not only that, they save a lot of effort by removing the need to …

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